The KBK Foundation

Commitment to Community

The KBK Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded with the mission of “Bridging Today’s Realities With Tomorrow’s Possibilities.”

The KBK Foundation is a 501c (3) non-profit, community supportive services partner of KBK Enterprises. The Foundation provides programs and services to all residential sites either owned or managed by KBK Enterprises.

The KBK Foundation’s primary focuses are:

  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Social Services

The programs provided by The KBK Foundation empower residents by assisting them to take significant strides toward self-sufficiency. The passionate objective of The KBK Foundation is demonstrated through our core purpose of empowering communities and changing lives.

Our commitment to this core purpose can best be seen in our efforts at Garfield Commons in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In 2010 The KBK Foundation launched a technology initiative called Project Uplift.  Residents of Garfield Commons who completed an onsite computer course received a free computer with internet access.  The aim of Project Uplift is to bridge the digital divide, while increasing the speed by which our residents can access and receive information.

In furthering the mission of Project Uplift, The KBK Foundation contributed $250,000 to purchase computers for each household, along with providing funding for free computer training for the residents. The KBK Foundation contributed an additional $250,000 to transform Garfield Commons into a wireless community.

As a part of KBK Enterprises commitment to economic development, The KBK Foundation implemented a Section 3 Plan for residents to participate in the rebuilding of Garfield Commons (Pittsburgh, PA) Skyline Terrace (Pittsburgh, PA) and the Marrero Commons community (New Orleans, LA).  This Section 3 Plan included job training, employment and contract opportunities for low income residents and MWBE businesses. The KBK Foundation’s Section 3 monitoring process sparked national attention and praise from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Shaun Donavan, former Secretary of HUD stated that “KBK has had the largest Section 3 participation numbers in the country for a project of this size….(Marrero Commons).” The KBK Foundation has also achieved a city wide record in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the largest numbers of Section 3 participation in the rebuilding of Garfield Commons and Skyline Terrace (Phase 1).

Please visit The KBK Foundation website and join us in our mission.