Keith B. Key Enterprises is a multi-dimensional corporation, uniquely positioned to develop real estate in urban America through strategic alliances. We employ creative financing, community participation, and public/private partnerships to produce high quality housing, office and mixed-use projects. We have ongoing business in Columbus, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, and New Orleans, LA. Our mission is ultimately to change the lives of those in the communities that we serve.

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Real Estate Development

KBK Enterprises has extensive experience in multi-family housing and commercial properties. As a trusted leader in the affordable housing industry for over 20 years, we have built a solid reputation for profitable real estate projects. Our genuine commitment to affordable housing, minority business participation, and access to employment has led KBK Enterprises to achieve local and national recognition from agencies such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, for its accomplishments in these areas. KBKRED2


KBK Enterprises is a minority owned business and has committed to provide access to minority contractors through Alliance Construction Group. Alliance Construction Group is a full service construction company that provides a range of professional services including commercial, institutional and affordable residential housing. Alliance Construction Group continues to remain focused on our customer’s needs, through creativity and inclusivity. From pre–construction planning to post construction assistance, our teams combine the benefit of experience, passion for performance, and attention to customer satisfaction. Alliance Logo 2

Property Management Services

Key Property Management Services is a comprehensive property management company that couples our expertise in the affordable housing arena with a focus on supportive services for our residents. The key to our success in property management is a personalized, multi-faceted approach, working with clients, residents and owners to assess the individual needs of each property. We manage to keep pace with the market by implementing industry best practices and adding experienced personnel to our team.