Tanya Johnson

Executive Assistant to the President

  • Location:

  • Columbus, Ohio

Tanya Johnson joined KBK in June 2010 as Executive Assistant to President & CEO Keith B. Key.  Although her role consists of a wide variety of duties, her primary role is assisting Mr. Key with the management of the various business development responsibilities as it relates to projects that are either owned or managed by KBK Enterprises. She also provides management support  by overseeing the administrative staff at each of our regional offices.  Additionally she serves as Marketing Manager for all of KBK’s entities and is very involved in marketing strategies to increase KBK’s brand presentation in the real estate market. She is very instrumental in the development of KBK’s logo designs and coordination of all advertising and marketing activities. She also handles all content research, design, layout, printing and distribution to over 500 readers of the company’s digital magazine and newsletter, The Rhino’s Charge.

Tanya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management & Administration from Ohio Dominican University. In her previous role as an Analyst and Consultant, Tanya worked at Cardinal Health for 10 years in the areas of Pharmacy and Medical Surgical Products.  Although she has no previous experience in the real estate industry, she has garnered recognition for her leadership skills, creativity, and passion for the work that she does in furtherance of the company’s mission of “Changing Lives.”