Malcolm Murray

Communications Manager & Administrative Assistant

  • Location:

  • Columbus, OH

Malcolm Murray joined KBK Enterprises in 2019. Hired on as an Administrative Assistant to support the Columbus staff he quickly exceled into his current position as Communications Manager on the Marketing Board where he provides communication support internally and externally through multiple channels. In addition to this position his role is to promote and to protect the KBK brand as we evolve into the digital space. By doing so Malcolm creates and executes against a strategy in which the business uses grassroot and social media methods to simultaneously extend/amplify the reach of its public relations efforts and protect the company’s brand.

Prior to his arrival Malcolm was a full-time student at Kent State University where he graduated with a B.S. in Public Relations and Mass Communications. While in school he gained much extensive, hands-on experience on how to effectively communicate with target audiences through many platforms. Some examples of these experiences include a case study with Cleveland Clinic’s Marketing department- where he was tasked to improve its negative reception in the Northeast Ohio community with a $200K (+) budget. As well as interning as a Field Marketer to major film studios like Universal, Lionsgate, Warner and more. His role was to strategically engage, promote new films online and face-to-face to generate “buzz.” Next is to report to the studios with the feedback from the prescreen premiere events. With the information the studios can properly manage how to spend their marketing budget on how to promote the movie in certain demographics of the country.

Constantly pushing for the 1 degree of change needed to go from good to great, Malcolm’s expertise in marketing and communications brings much undiscovered value to the company. Other than protecting the brand Malcolm is a loving son, brother and friend who enjoys fine dining, music, entertainment and traveling the world!